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drag chain conveyors


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mpcp's expertise covers a broad range of drag chain conveyor systems. We take pride in building high quality, custom material handling products to fit any requirement. Our inclined drag chain conveyors are perfect solutions when a change in elevation is needed. mpcp drag chain conveyors are designed to draw materials like ash, clinker, coal, wood chips, salt cake and other materials from horizontal to steep inclines.

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We welcome your comments, inquiries and feedback concerning our material handling products and drag chain conveyor services. We hope that we may have the opportunity to discuss with you the alternatives to maintenance-driven products currently available to the material handling industry. Please feel free to contact us.
drag chain conveyors
Drag Conveyors

"The quality of workmanship and materials are excellent. The conveyor has far exceeded the expectations of the operating group. I would recommend this system to any facility that may want to upgrade their existing system."

John Boyd, Utilities Superintendent
Nippon Paper Industries Port Angeles,

"...In the 7 years we have been running these conveyors, we have yet to break a chain or have a sprocket fail.

Michael Skinner, Power & Recovery Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor, Catalyst Paper, BC, Canada

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Drag Chain Conveyor Systems - 'supplying quality equipment that will out-perform your expectations'

mpcp's expertise covers a broad range of drag chain conveyors. We take pride in building quality, custom material handling products to fit any ash handling, bark handling or combustion systems needs. From Crofton BC to Temiscaming Quebec; from Hinton Alberta to Laja Chile, mpcp has been working with mills to solve all facets of material handling concerns. mp combustion process ltd. (mpcp) has the knowledge and expertise to provide you with superior drag chain equipment products and services.

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